Every year, MEDLIFE sets up a campaign that the chapters fundraise for. Previously, we’ve raised over $22,000 for COVID-19 Relief for rural communities in Peru and $18,000 for the new MED Center in Lima, Peru.

If you’re eager to make in impact, you’ve found the right chapter! The IU chapter has consistently been the leading fundraiser for MEDLIFE campaigns, and we can’t wait to see how we’ll continue to grow in the coming years. Currently, we are still raising money for the new MED Center, and donations can be made here. You can also make an account at this link so others can donate to your page!

To fundraise for the MEDLIFE campaign, we’ll have dine-and-donates, smaller events like Cup Pong tournaments and Trivia Nights, and larger events for MEDWEEK! We have MEDWEEK each semester, and it’s a week-long rush to fundraise as much money as possible. The highlight of the week is PowerHour, which will be during one of the GB meetings at 7 PM. During this hour, we’ll reach out to everyone we know (some generous exes have been known to donate) to raise as much money as we can. It’s wildly successful and a lot of fun! Dates for these events next semester will be on the calendar on the Homepage and added here. Get excited to make a difference for communities in need!

Current Fundraising Events:

  • Dine and Donate at Aver’s Pizza: 9/27 from 11am-10pm
    • Make sure to mention MEDLIFE when you order!

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